Rx Ohio Collaborative

is an expanding benefit initiative for employers to save on prescription drug costs at both the institutional and consumer level.

Combining the benefits of plan independence and scale, the Rx Ohio Collaborative (RxOC) is working to reshape the delivery of the pharmacy benefit. Extending its buying power to self-insured employee health plans, the RxOC is focused on improving value in prescription drug use by driving down the cost of drugs while helping to improve health outcomes. Beyond cost savings, the RxOC has developed a forum for creating strategies focused on positively impacting patient health and influencing the health care system to benefit participants and plan sponsors.

Express Scripts

Here's how RxOC works with Express Scripts to maximize health and financial outcomes by providing smarter pharmacy services.

Concierge Service

The RxOC Concierge Service, through our partnership with Health Advocate, provides solutions for saving time and money when navigating the health care system.