Membership FAQ

membershipWho are the members of the RxOC?

The RxOC was established by The Ohio State University and three of the largest retirement organizations in the state. Today, scores of employers comprise its membership. Our latest growth initiative includes expansion into the private sector to allow those organizations to benefit from this powerful program.

Isn’t there plenty of information already available about drug efficacies and interactions?

Most of the information made available to employers today tends to come from outdated sources, secondary findings, or the pharmaceutical companies themselves. Members of the RxOC, on the other hand, have access to independent, evidence-based research from the top minds in pharmacology — research that helps employers make decisions that combine health and budgetary considerations.

Who administers pharmacy benefits for members of the RxOC?

We partner with Express Scripts, Inc. — a leading national provider of prescription benefit plans. As our Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM), Express Scripts shares our goal of helping improve care, outcomes, and costs for organizations of all sizes.

As we like to say, “the RxOC is not the PBM; it makes the PBM better.”

What does it cost to be a part of the RxOC?

There is no cost to join. Operational costs for the RxOC are funded through a small per-prescription fee based on each organization’s size, in addition to optional consulting fees paid by its member organizations.

How many employees do I need to join the RxOC?

Any organization that is large enough to self-fund its pharmacy benefits should consider joining the RxOC. We recommend that employers seek guidance from their benefits professional in making this decision. RxOC staff also is available to consult on such benefits structure, including “carving out” the pharmacy plan from the medical plan.

What types of organizations are eligible to join the RxOC?

Established by the largest retirement systems in the state’s public sector, today any employer can join the RxOC as long as it is self insured.