About RxOC

AboutThe fundamental mission of the Rx Ohio Collaborative (RxOC) is to provide improved value in drug coverage and health care-improvement programs to employees, retirees and dependents.

In collaboration with its pharmacy benefit manager, Express Scripts Inc., and Ohio-based industry experts — including those at The Ohio State University — the RxOC will act as a “think tank” to improve cost and clinical outcomes through innovation and leveraging collective size. Plan sponsors will have access to the same pricing for prescription drugs as the original participants, as well as innovative prescription drug programs and best-practice information, all while retaining independent decision-making, contracts, and plan designs.

Simply put, the RxOC provides the best of both worlds — plan independence and flexibility, plus the benefits of scale and group buying power.


The RxOC is currently housed at The Ohio State University Health Plan, Inc.* Through the OSU Health Plan, the RxOC benefits from the expertise of a number of Ohio State experts, including the College of Pharmacy, and other state colleges to provide personalized pharmaceutical advice and support for maximizing the overall effectiveness of drug therapies for RxOC members and physicians.

* The Ohio State University Health Plan, Inc. administers medical plans and wellness services to more than 26,000 university employees and their dependents.

The OSU Health Plan has the ability to meet the unique needs of its clients and members by offering personalized health care, following a prevention and wellness model, and stretching the health care dollar through efficiency, cost-containment, and strong partnerships with the resources of one of the top research institutions in the country as well as Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center.

Member Organizations

More than 105 member organizations covering over 79,000 lives.