Membership Benefits

membershipDeveloped with consideration to the unique needs of self-insured companies and organizations, the RxOC provides a significant advantage to employers interested in boosting both the health of their employees and the well-being of their budgets. There is no cost to join. Administrative fees are paid through a per-prescription fee.

Because of the foresight of its founding organizations, the RxOC has maintained high standards and is able to make a substantial impact on many levels:


A charter that mandates operation as a true collaborative—the more we grow…the more we all save.

Engages members and offers access to ongoing communication about the latest drug therapies, particularly in the treatment of chronic conditions, allowing members to make changes or add programs to their plans at any point in the contract.


With a pool of more than a half million covered lives, the RxOC has considerable buying power and guarantees “best-in-class” pricing.

Accommodates each member’s unique needs by providing professional guidance on customized benefit plans.


Administered by The Ohio State University Health Plan, Inc. with oversight by committees comprised of representatives from several member organizations that have input on strategic, clinical, and administrative directions.

Offers professional guidance to members to make plan changes as research sheds light on new efficacy findings.


Conducts and shares top-level research on the effectiveness of prescription drugs so members can gauge the likely success of their benefits plans, encourage best practices, and discourage misuse and overuse of drugs that are deemed to be either ineffective or less effective than other solutions.

Member Benefits

Partnership Through a Unified Approach

The RxOC proudly promotes its dedicated service team, performance guarantees, and an aligned relationship with Express Scripts, Inc. Express Scripts is dedicated to providing outstanding service for all clients, and because the RxOC is Express Scripts’ largest client group in Ohio, RxOC agencies can be assured of the highest visibility and service. The combination of these two entities promises to provide the best value in drug coverage and health improvement programs to employees, retirees, and dependents.

The partnership with Express Scripts allows the RxOC to offer innovative programs and services usually reserved for larger clients to member organizations of any size. RxOC members can also participate in pilots to help develop programs and can take advantage of customization and improvement options to meet their unique needs. Such programs include:

  • Select Home Delivery
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Enhanced Trend Reporting
  • CuraScript Specialty Pharmacy
  • Consumerology® Pilot Programs
  • Integrated data services
  • e-prescribing
  • Clinical and Cost Management Programs
  • Value-Enhanced Networks
  • Promotion of Generic Medication
  • Physician Consultation Programs


The RxOC recognizes that demands of each client are different and therefore customizes the account management model accordingly. The RxOC Account Management team acts as the thread between the collaborative and research based approach with the pharmacy programs of Express Scripts. The team works as a sounding board or opportunity to ‘think outside the box’ and provide unbiased and independent analysis as well as assisting with the coordination of strategic planning and processes, providing oversight to the ESI service model to ensure proper implementation, and supervision of contracts and products.