Concierge Service


Introducing the RxOC Concierge Service

We are pleased to announce the RxOC Concierge Service – made possible through our partnership with a subsidiary of West, the nation’s leading healthcare advocacy and assistance company. When you purchase your prescription benefit through RxOC you get Health Advocate and other great services at no additional cost.

Who is Health Advocate? 

When employees struggle through the healthcare system to get answers, it costs everybody time and money. Health Advocate offers solutions that help save time and lower healthcare costs. With Health Advocate, employees can focus on work, outcomes improve, benefits are maximized and the burden on HR is lifted.

How it works

When an employee encounters a healthcare or insurance related issue, they simply call their dedicated Health Advocate phone number, and are assigned their own Personal Health Advocate.  Their Personal Health Advocate, typically a registered nurse supported by medical directors and benefits and claims specialists, immediately begins to resolve their issue—including research, contacting doctors and health insurers, and completing paperwork to get to the most comprehensive solution. Personal Health Advocates can help:

  • Find the right in-network doctors, dentists, or other specialists
  • Resolve claims and billing issues; transfer medical records
  • Negotiate payment arrangements
  • Explain complex medical conditions
  • Prepare employees for doctor visits, medical tests and treatments
  • Address eldercare issues, locate assisted living and adult day care services
  • Deliver personalized “gaps in care” coaching, leveraging data-driven dashboard technology*
  • Notify employees about important preventive care

And much more!

* Based upon receipt of group’s utilization data

Best of all, employees work with the same Personal Health Advocate until their issue is completely resolved, and are free to contact them for any follow-up needs.

Member and Client Dashboards*

Leveraging state-of-the-art health information technology, Health Advocate creates a selection of customized Health Information Dashboards for clients who provide their claims, utilization and other related healthcare data.

A feature of their Health Advocacy service, these powerful online tools provide the key information necessary to impact employee behavior, increase productivity and reduce costs.

  • Executive Dashboards. Two comprehensive dashboards enable employers to easily pinpoint the drivers of healthcare costs and areas for improvement.
  • Member Dashboard. Available on a secure website, this valuable tool gives employees real-time details about their benefits program usage. It also spotlights overdue preventive care and other health risks.
  • Advocate Dashboard. Their Personal Health Advocates can view the same data to provide targeted coaching to every caller, empowering them to take action to get the recommended care and improve their health.

* Based upon receipt of group’s utilization data


Click here to view a demonstration of the Health Advocate Dashboards

The Health Advocacy advantage: Personalized, expert support

  • Personal Health Advocates do all the work; are available for unlimited follow-up
  • Supported by a world-class team of highly trained clinical, benefits and claims experts
  • Lowers medical costs; improves health outcomes, productivity and retention
  • Supported by state-of-the-art technology
  • Reduces grievances, appeals and claims costs
  • Available anytime, 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Covers employees, their spouses and other family members